Call Of Duty: World At War

Call Of Duty: World At War 1.0

Call of Duty World at War is an action game for Windows PC
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Call of Duty World at War is an action game for Windows PC. The game is the last of a series of many, which take the user from World War I to the modern day and back to World War II. This particular game takes you to the South Pacific Ocean and helps relive the scenarios of the Japanese-American battles. The game uses the same engine as Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, but gives the user older weapons and more perks. The single player campaign is like playing a movie. The action is intense all the way and there are some gruesome cinematics that portray the horrors of WWII. The best part of the game in my opinion is the multiplayer campaign. The game allows you to rank up to several levels. You gain points by killing enemies, saving your allies, or completing challenges. The challenges usually consist in killing X enemies with a certain weapon, or shooting so many enemies in the head, etc. That sounds bad, but is fun nonetheless. The graphics are great, but will depend on your computer. The sound and voice acting is excellent.

Priscilla Bianchi
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  • Great graphics.
  • I like the way you control the players.
  • Realistic physics


  • No disadvantages
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